Special Commissions & Wee Sculptures

Elephant Coffee Table

Elephant Sculpture

This bronze elephant makes a fabulous miniature sculpture, Mark has enhanced the playful characteristics of this piece by showing the trunk spraying water backward over itself in order to cool down whilst playing in pools of water.

The positioning of the elephants trunk is a recognised symbol of good luck worldwide in addition elephant sculptures are believed to symbolise good luck and bring prosperity power, wisdom, strength and protection to the home. The colour and texture together with the extraordinary detail make this sculpture appear very lifelike.

Size: 22" (L) x 16" (H) x 11.5" (W)

Each sculptured bronze table design is an original hand made piece within a total of 99. The collectable nature of these limited edition tables has resulted in placements all around the world, including some customers famous in the Media, Sporting and Political worlds.

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