Mark Stoddart International Designer

For over 30 years Mark has operated from his workshop in his Scottish homeland. Drawing his inspiration from a landscape that also inspired Scotland's most famous literary son, Rabbie Burns, who was born in Ayrshire in 1759.

Mark has also been inspired during his travels around the world especially his visits to Africa where he has viewed animals in the wild and on nature reserves, forming the basis for many of his best selling pieces.

A unique blend of form and function

Over the years, Mark's unique bronze sculptures have become highly collectable items sought after by clients the world over. Appearing on more than one occasion in publications such as 25 Beautiful Homes they add a real feature to their owner's homes and create quite the talking point. Foremost among his pieces is a range of beautiful and functional glass-topped coffee and dining tables with bronze-bases, some sculptured into wild animal forms, including the Hippopotamus, Tiger, Baby Elephant and Rhinoceros. Others take their inspiration from technology, among them the Apollo Lunar Landing Module table, one of which now takes pride of place in the home of former US astronaut Buzz Aldrin.

A collector's dream

Limited editions of only 12 and 99 Coffee Tables and 50 Dining/Conference Tables are ever created from each design. Each piece carries the designer's signature, is individually numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity. There is a great demand for Mark's art creating a waiting list which can run into months for the most popular pieces. With some collections completely sold out, collectors wait eagerly for limited editions to appear at auction.

Internationally acclaimed

Mark exports to private collectors throughout the world and has recently sold to clients in the USA, Hong Kong, Monaco, Saudi Arabia and Japan as well as clients throughout Europe, Africa and Australasia. Each unique bronze sculpture makes a simple, yet powerful connection with its owner, by fusing timeless aesthetic appeal with day-to-day usefulness.

Mark's tables fequently become part of the family. Over 70% are given a name as they are introduced into the household. It is not unusual for Mark to receive a letter from the new family member updating him of a new address or other family news. One fellow who regularly moves around the world with his new family, keeps Mark up to date with his latest location once he has safely settled into his new surroundings.

Visit Mark's Homeland

Visit the lochs and castles of the beautiful Ayrshire countryside – book a stay at Ladybank House.

Anti Copying in Design (ACID)

The strong, yellow and black ACID brand communicates that a member knows and understand their intellectual property rights and wishes to fully exploit the value they have created in their designs. It also communicates that they are prepared to assert their rights and will pursue any intellectual property infringement. It is intended to send a clear warning to would-be copyists underpinned by a sound and proven track record of settlements on behalf of its members by its associates lawyers.

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