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Horse conference table

Horse Conference or Boardroom Table

This Horse sculpture has a different aspect to its design in that it can become a Conference or Boardroom Table with a difference. The energy and vitality which shines out of the piece can encourage a suitable ambience at any business meeting. The water adding the soothing aspect.

People associated with an equestrian environment would feel extremely comfortable surrounding this envigorating design piece, which has a seating capacity of 8–20 people.

This sculpture can be personalised by adjusting the colours, tones and highlights to match your own horse. We can also create bespoke sculptures if you truly wish to capture the form of your own horse.

This can seat 20 people, the glass shape can either be Oval or Rectangle.

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Each sculptured bronze table design is an original hand made piece within a total of 99. The collectable nature of these limited edition tables has resulted in placements all around the world, including some customers famous in the Media, Sporting and Political worlds.

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