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Apollo Coffee Table

Apollo Coffee Table

This innovative and versatile celebration of space exploration has erupted into a striking sculptural piece to complement either a home or reception area. This superb creation, which will delight space enthusiasts, can be engraved with a personal enscription to mark your own significant event.

Standing 21 inches high, the table is completed by a 25 inch diameter top of polished glass (measuring 1 inch thick), carrying an engraved inscription of Neil Armstrong's famous quotation uttered as he set foot on the moon in July 1969. Although originally designed as a coffee table it is possible to commision a dining or boardroom table in this design. Such a piece would create a strong statement in any company.

If desired, the table can also contain a space within the base section which can be adapted easily to form a time capsule, allowing owners to store messages or items for family members to unlock and discover in the future and pass onto future generations.

Glass Size Diameter: 25 inches up to 60 inches
Height of table from floor to glass is 21 inches
Ideal as a reception table

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Each sculptured bronze table design is an original hand made piece within a total of 99. The collectable nature of these limited edition tables has resulted in placements all around the world, including some customers famous in the Media, Sporting and Political worlds.

  • Apollo Table

    Apollo Coffee Table lands with Buzz Aldrin

    This table is inspired by the landing pod used in the first Moon landing in 1969. To make the piece, the sculptor visited NASA to view the original lunar landing pod and met with Buzz Aldrin. The glass is inscribed with Neil Armstrong’s famous statement made on 20 July 1969, “That is one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind.”

    Mark made a special table for Buzz Aldrin, the glass on his particular Apollo table has “Magnificent desolation” inscribed (the first words he spoke when he walked on the moon) rather than the Neil Armstrong quote. His table has been displayed in the Smithsonian Museum in the past.

    Photo of Buzz Aldrin: This photograph is of Buzz Aldrin in his home in Beverley Hills with his own bespoke table made by Mark Stoddart.

  • Moon Landing Table

    The Sky At Night 700th Episode

    Marks Apollo table made a very special appearance on the 700th episode of The Sky At Night. Mark was extremely honoured when the Apollo table was selected as the table that would feature on the programme.

    During the broadcast Sir Patrick Moore, Chris Lintott, Jon Culshaw, Brian Cox and Brian May gathered around the table to host the historic episode.

    You can view the broadcast here

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