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Tiger Coffee Table

Tiger Coffee Table

After many years Mark has finally captured his ‘tiger in water’ piece. He was inspired by a television documentary which told the story of two tigers that lived in the vicinity of a beautiful dilapidated Indian Palace which had a lake nearby. The tigers used to chase the birds which landed on the lake. The movement of the tigers twisting, turning and lunging in the water inspired Mark to create this piece. Sadly the tigers were poached, and vanished, but the theme of the tigers’ movement in the water left an impression with Mark. He has over the years collated many pictures of tigers, which have also helped him with his design.

Mark is hoping to donate one of the pieces to a charity which helps preserve tigers within their natural habitat.

The limited edition of the Tiger coffee table has now been SOLD OUT. The last of the edition 12/12 will be auctioned off with all proceeds going to a charity to help to save the tigers. At the moment we are working with a few charities to arrange a suitable event.

Glass Size: 35 inches x 35 inches

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Each sculptured bronze table design is an original hand made piece within a total of 99. The collectable nature of these limited edition tables has resulted in placements all around the world, including some customers famous in the Media, Sporting and Political worlds.

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