Coffee Tables

Horse Coffee Table

Mark’s vision was the 1950’s American Racehorse Sea Biscuit, in which he found a special 'look' which appealed to him as a designer. This transpired to be the character and aura which Sea Biscuit expressed through his eyes.

Mark was also moved by the sight of Horses swimming, which forms part of the animals’ training regime along with spa therapy. They appear quite violent looking when they tread water, so, based on the look of Sea Biscuit, Mark has created a very energetic and beautiful piece.

This exquisite bronze coffee table currently resides at Chester Racecourse in the Weighing Room.

Glass Size: 49 inches x 36 inches

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Each sculptured bronze table design is an original hand made piece within a total of 99. The collectable nature of these limited edition tables has resulted in placements all around the world, including some customers famous in the Media, Sporting and Political worlds.

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