Owners Club

Welcome to the Owners Club, this section of the website is dedicated to past pieces that now reside in loving homes across the globe. If you own a Mark Stoddart sculpture and would like it to feature on this page please send a photograph along with its name (if you have named it), location and when you purchased it to office@markstoddart.com.

  • Hippo Table

    "Cecille and Coco"

    Childhood Coffee Table
    Tony and Caroline Matthews
    Purchased 2014
  • Hippopotamus Dining Table


    Hippo Dining Table
    Dr Bruce Bladon
    Purchased 2011
  • Dog Coffee Table


    Alligator Coffee Table
    Mr and Mrs Curno
    Purchased 2012
  • Otter Coffee Table


    Otter Coffee Table
    Mr and Mrs Davis
    Purchased 2008

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World of the Hippo

"Hippo, this is yours to keep. You are the gardener of the river; you must keep the banks free from brush so that my other animals can come and drink freely, and you must fertilize the water so that the lilies can grow and provide shade for the fishes. Do this for me" said Old Man.

Hippo was proud that Old Man had honoured him so, and agreed at once. "Old Man, I will keep the river for you." And down he went to the great slow Zambezi.

Hippo thought that the other animals would be pleased to see him, but it was not so. They laughed at his short legs, his round body, his waggling ears and his stump of a tail.

"How can you swim with a tail that small?" laughed Crocodile

"How can you run with legs that short?" said Zebra

"And how can you hear things with ears that tiny?" chortled Impala

"I can do all these things" said Hippo, but the other animals would not believe him. "Go away!" they said, "We do not want you to stay with us".

So Hippo left, great tears rolling down his cheeks, and hid in the bushes. The other animals carried on as though nothing was wrong.

But soon, the river changed. Bit by bit, the bush closed over the banks without Hippo's grazing teeth to keep them at bay; bit by bit, the lilies shrivelled without Hippo to fertilize them; one by one the fishes swam away to find new shade. So the animals searched for Hippo, and found him hiding in the bushes.

"O great wise Hippo, please come back to the river with us - without you to care for it, it is suffering! Old Man will not forgive us if anything happens to the river, for we will have nowhere to go. Please come back." So Hippo went back to the river with the other animals. He cleared the banks and he fertilized the soil and the lilies, and the fish returned and the animals could all come once again and drink freely.

And that is why Hippo came to be "Keeper of the River"

(In African language "Hippo" means "Keeper of the River")

Hippo Names

01. Hugo
02. Kiboko
03. Nigel
04. Trude
05. Ethel
06. Henrietta
07. Hippolina
08. Iain Gordon
09. Knowlsy
10. Hector
11. Hilda
12. Henry Winston Potamous
13. Gloria Smud
14. Bodho
15. Kaba
16. Strawberry
17. Hamish
18. Horatio
19. Bumi
20. Harry
21. Roni
22. Harrison
23. Eltie
24. Hollow Wallow
25. Zulu
26. Thomas
27. Duncan
28. Henrietta
29. Winston
30. Limpopo
31. Happy
32. George
33. Elliot
34. Hippocrat
35. Louie
36. Humphrey
37. Harold
38. Gerald
39. Hemingway
40. Hettie
41. Hugo
42. Hippy
43. Hamish
44. Horace
45. Ardsley
46. George
47. Henrietta
48. Harrison
49. Henrietta
50. Esmerelda
51. Humf
52. Hippopo
53. Eusebius
54. Raja
55. Charlie Barnsdale
56. Rafiki
57. Dillan
58. Hamish
59. Henry
60. Maecenas sed diam
61. Earl of St Helier
62. George
63. Hank
64. Harryetie

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